8 Amazing Tips to Reading WAY More Books This Year

By | May 27, 2022

You know that feeling when you scroll through Netflix on your phone and it just fills up the screen in the most beautiful ways? You can just picture all of the characters and be transported to that world.

Writing books isn’t different.

Once you start writing your book, you are in your world right away. You can see the characters and feel them. I know I have. But we did have a few firsts on our publication, including getting our book in front of more than a million readers in five countries!

If you like the idea of writing a book, but have not been able to find a publisher, I have some great tips and tools to help you out.

1. BlaBlaKhoe The eBook

BlaBlaKhoe is an awesome one-click author info book for all things writing and publishing that tackles topics that range from blockbuster and award-winning books to crowdfunding and rights management. To help me make the list, I couldn’t be more excited to share a few of my favorites here.

2. Kindle Direct Publishing

A great tool to ensure that you are never writing a book that a publisher doesn’t want to see, Kindle Direct Publishing makes that easier. If you write books that have a high chance of getting an e-pub shout-out, they will send you newsletters and direct solicitations to help drive more sales.

4. Publish with ePub Rights Management

This is one of the best practices in ePublishing, and it gives you a second life with your book sales. Unlike other types of rights, ePub rights are transferable, so you can take your book into any future format without changing the title.

4. Self-Publishing

There are many reasons to start a self-published book, but my favorite is that you can reach a wide audience. If you publish a book, it gets reviewed and ranked by Amazon readers. Since I have seen a huge drop in people leaving reviews lately, that shows that my book is doing something right.

5. E-Reader Books

I’m a big fan of e-books. They provide great opportunities for writers. I’ve found that e-reader books tend to get more rave reviews, get more reviews, and are cheaper than paper books. I’m looking forward to reading some new e-books in the near future.

6. Book Reviews

You read books and you like them, so why not review them? When I first started writing, reviewers took away my initial reviews with “good write” but no review in front of a massive audience. I couldn’t believe it. Once I started reviewing, it became a great new side hustle for me. Today, we’re averaging more than 1000 reviews a day. If you want to learn about the best readers you can read, then I’d suggest this article.

7. Coursework

Train for your dream job or start a side hustle. Creating content for awesome courses that give you a great way to make more money has helped me grow as a writer, and is one of the best way to learn. I’ve learned a ton from writing helpful articles, creating great content to meet specific marketers, and working with hard copy product managers. You could really transform your life and get paid even more in the long run.

It sounds insane to have so many resources at your fingertips, but that is what makes us writers so damn special. Looking into novel ways to find success now can help you make the most of your life for years to come.

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